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The figure shows the engine towards the end of the working stroke, with both pistons moving towards the right. Because of the inclination of the V-shaped connecting-rod, the lower piston is ahead and has already started to open the exhaust port, so that the burnt gases are beginning to escape. The inlet port in the upper cylinder has not yet opened. As the crank pin C crosses the centre line, both ports are open. On the return stroke, the inclination of the connecting-rod is reversed, so that the lower piston L is still ahead and closes the exhaust port before the upper piston U closes the inlet.

1. 10 Elegance in design One characteristic of functional design is elegance. Most people find a buttercup beautiful, and many would say that the locomotive was at least pleasant to look at. However, the buttercup has an essential elegance, much more fundamental than its mere appearance. It is an elegant solution to a difficult problem in functional design; it has leaves to gather sunlight, oxygen and carbon dioxide from the air, and roots to extract water and minerals from the soil and hold it fast in the ground.

It is the second of these advantages which explains why helicopters which are capable of true hovering can be designed with masses up to several million times that of the largest hovering bird. * Pennycuick, C. (1972). Animal Flight. London: Arnold. 36 ENERGY Consider a large passenger aircraft, with a lift/drag ratio of 15 and an all-up mass of 150 metric tons, or 150 000 kg. 5 MN). Then the drag will be 1/15 of its weight or 100 000 N (100 kN), so that to fly 3000 km (about 1600 nautical miles) will require energy equal to drag x distance = 100kN x 3000km = 300000MJ.

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