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FOR extra This ebook, exposes the lovely fact approximately the US and its reference to 666, which the reader will research, represents not anything greater than cash. the yank Dream of prosperity is unmasked because the nice engine designed to serve the elite and satisfy their egocentric wants. not just does the e-book supply an easy clarification of each bankruptcy and verse of Revelation, however it additionally discloses the reality approximately the USA, human nature, and the truth of the realm during which we are living. superb but uncomplicated factors depart the reader without doubt as to how and why the yank empire is destroying the environment and peace at an alarming fee. notice the skill during which robust enterprises, banks, and governments develop the worldwide empire by way of “determining the value of goods and human lifestyles” whereas they “acquire riches…leaving the bulk impoverished, unequal and unhappy.” most significantly, an answer of the way we will swap the area is given in plainness.

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Nothing stands in the way of this dragon and its desires. The beast receives its power from the dragon, and reigns throughout the whole earth. Who would want (or dare) to make war with or attempt to overthrow The Beast that fulfills the very essence of human desire? 16 666 The Mark of America, Seat of the Beast 4 IMAGE The Because of their intelligence and ability to reason, the wise ones have progressed and evolved in their ability to protect the self and its desires. Standards of living have been created that determine the measure of happiness associated with human behavior.

The one will always rule and set the measures, the values, and the standard to which the ninety-nine must submit or be killed. Section 8 - A Sharp Two-Edged Sword 43 What is needed is for the ninety-nine to appoint one to represent them, who becomes the Anointed One, having the power and knowledge to represent all equally. This chosen one must possess the gentle nature of a lamb to assure equality and fairness to all, but brandish a sword from which none are immune from the strength of its blow.

The robes by which they are clothed came at a price—the cost of other human beings whose every breath stitched the woven threads of their contrived tapestries. In the torrid sun, the stones of the fields are removed by calloused hands. Sweat stings the eyes of those who work tirelessly; laboring until the sun gives way to a reprieve of darkness—TEN. Each day the field is plowed, furrowed, and prepared for seed, which requires more sweat, more toil, and more death to produce the billowing soft fibers—TWENTY.

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