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By Rawn Clark

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IIH teaches the student how to manipulate or wield these Fluids, form them i nto w hatever s hape is desired and i mpregnate them w ith a ny corre sponding wish. These two Fluids are the primal polarity and are effective in every plane of existence. The Electric Flu id is the positive, expansive pole and t he Magnetic Fluid is the o pposite negative, contractive pole. As with a physical magnet, these poles cannot be separated -- they are manifest through the continuum that unites them in their eternal embrace.

Don't think of the overall process as being divided into sections so much -- it is a cycle, composed of two v ery im portant p arts: i ntrospection and s ubsequent se lftransformation. Self -analysis a lone does n't accomplish much if there is n o motive to change and improve w hat on e f inds. L ikewise, sel f-change alo ne doesn't work for long if you haven't ta ken a t horough stock of what you already have to work with. So, set yourself a limit of no more than two weeks for this phase of the cycle.

I t IS the in teraction of t hree Elements, but the fact that these Ele ments are dy namic and therefore i nteract when i n com bination, results in t he creation of an entirely ne w f actor - - the com bination e nds up equaling more than the sum of its parts. It is th is unique product of the interaction of Fire, Air and Water th at we call Earth. Th us the Earth manifests as one of the poles of the quadrapolar magnet. By the same twists of philosophic thinking, the quadrapolar magnet, just like the common bi-polar magnet, is more than its poles.

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