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By Theodore D. Papanghelis, Antonios Rengakos

This quantity on Appolonius of Rhodes, whose "Argonautica" is the only full-length epic to outlive from the Hellenistic interval, contains articles by means of 14 students from throughout Europe and the USA. Their contributions hide a variety of matters from the historical past of the textual content and the issues of the poet's biography via questions of favor, literary process and intertextual family members to the epic's library and cultural reception. the purpose is to provide an summary of the scholarly dialogue in those components and supply a survey of developments in Apollonian stories.

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On the whole the 7tpo£K8oai<; of the first book of the Argonautica contained (at least) fourteen different lines, while two lines of the extant version were missing. The 7ipoeK8oai<; of book 2 had two 34 GERSON SCHADE - PAOLO ELEUTERI trace of such variants in these two papyri—whose importance as witnesses is beyond doubt. First, not only does P. 789 (above nr. 781 the correct text as the sole witness against the unanimous testimony of the manuscripts Tipo Tc6A,r|oc; ccva at{(3ov. Secondly, P. Oxy.

In any case, it is hardly possible to identify a specifically Apollonian technique on such an assumption. g. ). Carrying on his mains opus Fusillo (1993a) studies the relation between description and narrative in his usual hermetic terminology. One is therefore glad that Hunter (1993a)—among other things already mentioned above—also gives a readable introduction to the conclusions of the narratological approach which thus become widely accessible (see especially his ch. 5 (i): "The Epic Voice").

39 Haslam (1978) 67 n. 322 f. 102 f. (P. Oxy. 739 f. (P. Oxy. 1054 f. (P. Oxy. 1265 f. (P. Mil. 121). 40 In Haslam (1978) 66 n. 46. 41 Haslam (1978) 65: "There is certainly no justification for an old habit which is coming back into vogue, that of projecting even single-word alternatives back on to Apollonius himself. 42 P. Oxy. 202-43 with more than a dozen variants. In two places the papyrus is alone in offering a better text than the rest of the tradition (219, 235); and there is a good possibility that in two further places (239, 242) its text is better than that given by the rest of the tradition.

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