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By Andrew Lennon

Dave cherished not anything greater than to take a seat and waste his existence away. until eventually one evening his global was once grew to become the other way up and his existence ripped aside, throwing him right into a needs to win conflict with an unknown enemy. With time working out and the percentages opposed to him. Can he cease this "thing" or is it too overdue?

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Wouldn't you? If you died and could still think, reason, wouldn't you miss the sound of a full orchestra or a child's laugh? Miss the taste of a good steak or a woman's pussy? " I shrugged, nodded, not knowing quite how to respond. "I would," he said. "Life is so lucky, you just have to wonder at it, don't you? " He looked at me. "Apart from you. Didn't you shower before you left home? " "And I suppose the showers are out of action," I said. " We shared a laugh then, for the first time this visit, and we sank wearily into the low chairs.

The whole place looked run-down, wasting away, and as Scott spoke he was exuberant, a brighter spark in the glow of the day. "This is no place for wonders," he said quietly. "This country has its paradise, but it's a distance from here. " And then he turned and started walking away. " I said. " "You'll see," he said, almost dismissively. He did not even turn to me when he spoke. "This is the cradle of civilization, you know. " He waved his arm around and moved on. I looked around at the plane, the pilots gesticulating at one of the steaming engine compartments, the joyful reunion over by the airport buildings.

Didn't say much at all," he said. " 1 said. " I considered lying to my friend then, but he would have known. He already knew the truth. " He smiled. "You're a good mate. I'm a lucky man. " I was unfeasibly flattered by his comment, and I went on to say something trite in response-thanks, or so am I-when another gust of wind hit the tent. It seemed to suck the air from inside, drawing in the tent walls, pulling down the ceiling, shrinking the canopy as if to allow the desert sand and air to move closer.

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