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By Lama Jigme Rinpoche

A direction of knowledge bargains an easy but direct view of the Buddhist course based on the Kagyu culture of Tibetan Buddhism. Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike will locate during this ebook invaluable advice and recommendation that can
be utilized in lifestyle events. faraway from the esoteric jargons of Tibetan Buddhism, here's a useful method of dwelling with readability which allows somebody to improve realizing and perception concerning the self and others. Lama Jigme Rinpoche explains that the major lies within the learn and knowing of the fundamental issues taught by way of the Buddha and the significance of completely integrating these meanings in our day-by-day lives and practice.

Lama Jigme Rinpoche used to be born in Kham of east Tibet in 1949. He acquired his Buddhist schooling and coaching along the most Kagyu lineage academics. In 1977, in the course of his stopover at in Europe, the sixteenth Karmapa declared Dhagpo Kagyu Ling in Dordogne, France, as his eu seat or headquarters of his actions and appointed Jigme Rinpoche as his professional consultant and director of dhagpo. for the reason that then, Jigme Rinpoche has endured to hold out his duties. He additionally travels to many nations to provide teachings. in addition to first-hand event of western societies, Jigme Rinpoche's exact and smooth variety renders the greater than two-thousand-year-old teachings of the Buddha appropriate and invaluable within the twenty first century.

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The process of realizing the nature of mind is of course not easy, and it takes a long time. However, we should not be discouraged. The teachings advise us to always be aware of a situation and its related conditions. We practice looking at mind and its orientation. We see that we have desires and expectations. When they are not satisfied, our negative emotions come up. This is always the case. It is very important that we understand this basic functioning in ourselves as well as in others. Simply look without trying to get rid of anything.

For instance, you have to fly somewhere but something is wrong with the plane, so you find an alternative way. Sometimes an attitude such as, ((I don't care," may set in and you ignore the risks. Sometimes, with one stroke of the brush, you paint everything as being ((OK" THE FOUR THOUGHTS when it is not. These attitudes are what we call illusions. Don't get caught up in them. Try to be honest with yourself and do what is best or what is necessary in your life. The precious human being is you and your own potential.

These are very evident. We begin by feeling concerned for the suffering of others. Gradually, our concern will grow into love and compassion. This means to link our consciousness with love and compassion towards other sentient beings. We practice mind-training precisely to develop this link. Our motivation should not be based on our fear, or aversion to suffering, or a desire to find a way out only for the self. We are motivated by our concern for all sentient beings. In the beginning, our care and concern may be just a thought.

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