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D. in Electrical Engineering, you should be warned that a favorite qualifying exam question involves these equivalent circuits. You are given two identical looking boxes with two terminals sticking out. One box contains the Thevenin circuit with a one volt source and a one ohm resistor. The other box contains the Norton circuit, made with a one amp current source, and a one ohm resistor. How can you tell which is which? The answer: you can’t tell electrically. However, the Norton box has power dissipating in the resistor.

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Imagine for a moment that V2 was set to 0V. A voltage A Pragmatic Introduction to the Art of Electrical Engineering 31 Maybe source of 0V is essentially a wire, so we may now consider R2 and R3 to be in parallel. In fact, this is exactly the same problem we solved earlier. The voltage is: R3R2 V = V1 ------------------------------------------------------R3R2 + R3R1 + R1R2 This suggests a general technique. A circuit with multiple independent voltage sources can be solved by considering the effect of each voltage source independently, and then adding the solutions together.

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