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By David Cherubim

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And in each letter of fire on the seven petals of the Sacred Rose there is concealed a vision and a voice. And in each vision and voice there is concealed a divine splendour of unspeakable transmutations of ineffable mystery and wonder. All these inner splendours are different stages of Our Master Opus of Divine Transformation which can be interpreted in many ways in many lands. (Comment: In each Sephira there is concealed a vision and a voice corresponding to its own particular nature. This is the vision and the voice of initiation.

Sublimation makes for the immortalization of the stone; it is the Principle of Eternal Change, the magical perpetuity of the stone which constitutes its immortal existence. ") 32. The Hidden Stone of the Ages is thus obtained, even here and now. Let the Sun and the Moon unite; let them bear an Hermaphrodite! Let a child be born: it shall be the Stone of the Sages, the Medicine of Metals, and the Elixir of Life. (Comment: It is by the scientific application and execution of the threefold operation of Alchemy that the Stone of the Philosophers is to be obtained, here and now.

28. They are also the eternal secrets of the Great Lamp of Wisdom: there is the light, and the oil, and the lamp itself. (Comment: The Lamp of Wisdom is what guides the soul on its journey to the summit of the Great Mountain of Hermetic Attainment. The Lamp is held in the `hand' of our True Self who is represented in Tarot by "The Hermit". ) 29. Study thou well this threefold teaching of Hermes-Mercurius- Thoth, Thrice-greatest-Master of the Opus of the Sun; and so shalt thou accomplish the Great Work of the Aeon.

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