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By Dr. Jerry Kroth

NASA astronauts and Soviet cosmonauts have acknowledged they observed whatever, Senator Dennis Kucinich famously stated he believes UFOs are actual, and with reference to everyone has heard rumors that the U.S. army and intelligence businesses are hiding whatever. during this e-book, a faculty professor makes an attempt to use a dispassionate clinical method of the query, pulling jointly and comparing proof for and opposed to numerous theories approximately extraterrestrial beings from outer house and different unexplained phenomena. How actual is the proof, he asks, and what does it upload as much as? This ebook is meant to give the entire secret and intrigue with none of the hype, pseudo-science, or the slightest trace of Geraldo.When it involves extraterrestrials, UFOs, crop circles, and ancient-astronaut literature, so much clever readers are repulsed via New Age hype, became off by way of Erik Van Daniken, flustered through blatant pseudo-science, and deeply chagrined at how even the background Channel obtained dragged into the tabloid and sensational. but many clever, open-minded readers harbor mystery pursuits: within the nice Pyramid and the way it was once equipped, in mythic stories of sky gods coming and going, from Ezekiel to the Rig-Veda. they're awed by way of the tricky fractals in crop circles, they usually greater than take detect while a NASA astronaut says he used to be trailed in area by way of UFOs. That wondering readership, besides the fact that, swims in an unlimited sea of agnosticism curious yet now not confident. And there simply aren t any books for them. None they could belief. None that reaches them. None that transcends tabloid fantasies to authentically deal with matters with sufficient dispassion and scholarly erudition to not insult their intelligence. the following, Dr. Kroth offers the run-down on a variety of facts, and ponders how trustworthy it can be. Readers are left with all of the components to shape their very own equation.

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