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By John Farris

The affair is an army marriage ceremony. The groom's mom and dad are the Bradwins, one of many oldest and so much unusual households in Virginia. The kinfolk head, normal "Boss" Bradwin, is a recognized military officer. Of all his prized sons, his youngest, "Clipper" Bradwin, is the main promising. First in his category at Blue Ridge army Academy, graduate with all honors, he's now getting into holy matrimony after which into wartime provider of his state. what's going to start, notwithstanding, with the solemnity of his marriage vows will lead to the echoing screams of the damned-an ungodly spectacle of spilled blood and sobbing, throat-aching terror. For this amazing kin is like no different in the world. there's a curse on their blood. Their family members heritage is rooted no longer in magnolia and honeysuckle, yet in darkness and demonism, in scary forces past their wisdom and regulate. Their august heritage starts no longer in antebellum mansions, yet with supernatural sorcery within the historic rites and rituals of darkish African jungles. there's a curse that grips the Bradwins from iteration to iteration, from horror to bloody horror, and that climaxes in a spine-chilling nightmare of black occultism and blood vengeance.

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