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By Neil B. McLynn

During this new and illuminating interpretation of Ambrose, bishop of Milan from 374 to 397, Neil McLynn completely sifts the proof surrounding this very tough character. the result's a richly exact interpretation of Ambrose's activities and writings that penetrates the bishop's painstaking presentation of self. McLynn succeeds in revealing Ambrose's manipulation of occasions with no making him too Machiavellian. Having synthesized the immense complicated of scholarship to be had at the overdue fourth century, McLynn additionally provides a powerful examine of the politics and background of the Christian church and the Roman Empire in that period.Admirably and logically prepared, the ebook strains the chronology of Ambrose's public task and reconstructs vital occasions within the fourth century. McLynn's zesty, lucid prose supplies the reader a transparent knowing of the complexities of Ambrose's lifestyles and occupation and of past due Roman govt.

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Amb. 2. [190] V. Amb. 3. R. Gryson misses the point of this elaborate ceremony when he pronounces (Le prêtre selon saint Ambroise [1968], 225n18) that 'une pareille succession d'ordinations faites seulement pour la forme est assez invraisemblable dans le cadre de l'époche'. [191] V. Amb. 3: 'ordinatus est summa gratia et laetitia cunctorum'. [192] Pall. Apol. 120: 'facilem ac passivam et non libratam'. [193] The passage is obscure but can be interpreted to fit the reconstruction suggested here.

16] [13] De off. 141. Ambrose's charity caused controversy again in 386: Sermo contra Aux. 33. [14] De off. 142: 'nemo potest indignari, quia humandis fidelium reliquiis spatia laxata sunt'. [15] Peter Brown, Power and Persuasion in Late Antiquity (1992), 96 (with the contrasting case of Rabbula of Edessa). -M. Duval, 'L'originalité du "Devirginibus" dans le mouvement ascetique occidental: Ambroise, Cyprien, Athanase', in Ambroise de Milan: dix études, ed. -M Duval (1974), 9–66. i... G. Rosso, 'La "lettera alle vergini": Atanasio e Ambrogio', Augustinianum 23 (1983), 421–452.

No practical measures were announced: the document is principally concerned to hail the Nicene creed as the true standard of orthodoxy and to refute the pretensions of Rimini on the novel grounds that the bishop of Rome had lent his approval to the former and not the latter. This declaration neither endangered the stability of the Italian church nor required any response from the imperial authorities, presenting Auxentius with no more immediate threat than the confident pronouncement that it 'would not be long' before he was stripped of his episcopate.

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