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By Micol Ostow

Here's a residence of break and rage, of loss of life and deliverance.
Here is the place I stay, no longer living.
Here is usually mine.

When Connor's kinfolk strikes to Amity, a secluded residence at the peaceable banks of recent England's harmony River, his nights are plagued with gore-filled desires of demons. destruction, and revenge. goals he form of likes. desires he can make genuine, with Amity's help.

Ten years later, Gwen's relatives strikes to Amity for a clean begin. in its place, she's haunted via lurid visions, stressful voices, and questions on her personal sanity. yet together with her heritage, who could ever think her? And what might be performed in the event that they did?

Because Amity isn't only a condo. She is a dwelling strength, bent on manipulating her population to her twisted will. she's going to use Connor and Gwen to lead to a violent finish as she's performed sooner than. As she'll do back. And back. And again.

Inspired by way of a true-crime tale, Amity spans generations to weave an overlapping, interconnected story of terror, madness, possibility, and loss of life.

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