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By Nils Eriksen, Earl P. Benditt (auth.), George G. Glenner, Elliott F. Osserman, Earl P. Benditt, Evan Calkins, Alan S. Cohen, Dorothea Zucker-Franklin (eds.)

From a procedure that from the times of Vir chow and Rokitansky, essentially motivated the fairly slender curiosity of pathologists, amyloidosis has risen full-blown as probably the most very important of disorder complexes. Its presence dominat:es the lesions of Alzheimer's illness, a ailment affecting an anticipated 2. five million humans within the U. S. A. and thereby heavily rivaling stroke because the 3rd commonest reason behind loss of life. If, because it has been de­ scribed, Alzheimer's ailment is the "Disease of the Century," then amy­ loidosis is the sickness complicated of the a while. It impacts in a single or extra of its manifestations each organ of the physique, and is no less than as outdated because the bothered Egyptian mummies of the pyramids. With an expanding percent of older members amyloid of the senior inhabitants turns into progressively more common. the topics lined during this Symposium diversity via nearly each scientific clinical area of expertise. From a typical of 1 paper in all of the prior 3 Symposiums, the explosive curiosity in cerebral amyloidosis has ended in the presentation of 12 papers in this topic within the current quantity. The genetically predisposed familial amyloidotic procedures, corresponding to the polyneuropathies and familial Mediterranean fever have additionally inspired ex­ tensive and fascinating investigations that have printed the remarkable impact of a unmarried amino acid substitution in reworking a typical protein into. a deadly "amyloidogenic" one.

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011Nm 9- ... " .. ". "AA ". ,2 : ' 0)- ) ~ I· S...... m. ob, ;:~·i'4A4 cl b ... J ;! e 8 6 223 · E, ~ 4 4 ~ 2 ~ 2 o ! """"'~_ '2345 12345 Reaction of monoclonal antibodies (m. ) to human SAA and AA with SAA isomers, AA and other proteins. 1) Reaction against (vs) SAA 1 (isomer 1), 2) vs SAA 2 , 3) vs SAA s , 4) vs SAA 4 , 5) vs AA, 6) vs human albumin, 8) vs ovalbumin, 9) vs human IgG, 10, vs A light chain, 11) vs k light chain, 12) vs no antigen. 5). 2. Production of monoclonal antibodies to human SAA and AA.

Recently it has been shown by several investigators that SAA can be separated into several fractions by ion exchange chromatography [10, 11]. In our study pooled human SAA was separated in at least eight fractions by the same method. Individual differences between the SAA proteins from different patients might explain some of the heterogeneity, but can not account for all SAA variants, as SAA protein from only two patients was pooled. The presence of other proteins in some of the ion exchange chromatography fractions of SAA has been described [11].

Holt, J. H. van der Maast, E. T. G. Lutzt, H. Krabbendam**, and E. Gruyst tDepartment of Veterinary Pathology State University of Utrecht, Utrecht tDepartment of Analytical Chemistry State University of Utrecht, Utrecht **Department of General Chemistry State University of Utrecht, Utrecht ABSTRACT Amyloid fibrils were isolated from renal papillae of cows with spontaneous AA-amy1oidosis. The fibrils were solubilized with guanidine-HC1 and subjected to gel filtration. Reaggregation studies were performed by dialyzing the fractions obtained, separately or in combinations, against acetic acid.

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