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By Dion Fortune

Dion Fortune is a really overlooked occult writer the place I hail from within the states. actually Fortune could be the "red headed step baby" of the occult. This has continuously saddened me, whereas i don't believe all factor that she has to claim, her works conceal fabric that different occult authors are likely to steer clear of, out of lack of expertise of the topic or in a different way. That acknowledged I shall continue with my review.

"Applied Magic" is a set of articles on the subject of numerous occult ideals and practices. i locate it to be an excellent paintings, whilst taking the period of time that the articles have been written in into context. at the start I supply the maximum compliment for Fortune's amazing article at the crew brain. the assumption of the gang brain, and certainly operating with it, is an important a part of any occult grouping of individuals. the certainty of this entity may be on the best of any magically operating group's priorities. That by myself is worthy choosing up this paintings for, because it is a miles missed topic within the occult global. i will be able to additionally see the price of her article at the 3 "kinds of reality," while the object in the course of the lens of my very own perform. One factor that i've got is her definition of "black magic" notwithstanding others could have much less challenge with this as their very own definitions of an identical might be certainly related. All in all i like to recommend that scholars of the occult decide up a duplicate of this publication. It does good to learn the articles in it persistently throughout the process one's magical perform, as they have a tendency to make clear topics that one may perhaps become involved in.

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They have left behind them, however, as has already been noted, the forms which they built up in the course of their evolution. These forms, as psychics teach, actually consist of co-ordinated systems of magnetic stresses. Whenever any movement takes place an electric current is set up, and if the series of co-ordinated movements is repeated many times, these currents tend to make adjustments among themselves and become co-ordinated on their own account, quite independently of the physical forms whose activities gave rise to them.

Because there is so much of it about that it is better, probably, NON-HUMANS 51 to see what is going on. If you bump into things in the dark, it is better to have a light to see what is happening and to bring control. These forces exist. They can be dealt with. It is well to know this, as there is already so much knowledge about. 8. Black Magic Black magic is not a thing that any normal person would study or pursue for its own sake but it is hardly possible, and hardly advisable, to study the technical methods of occultism without giving consideration to the pathologies to which they are liable Such popular attention as occultism receives is for the most part confined to its black aspect; revelations of this aspect can always command the kind of attention that is given to a street accident.

We read of these as familiar spirits. The writers on these matters were usually the priests, and being charged by the Inquisition to enquire into it, were usually a little prejudiced. But there is a certain relationship between people who understand the inner planes and beings of another order And there is also an involutionary relationship, very often, between those people who are naturally psychic without training and quite spontaneously come into touch with other beings. The effect of this is seldom wholesome It has the effect of unbalancing them.

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