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By Noah Calvin Hirschy

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ON T H E STREETS OF SHARN, a crystal-laced warforged blasts a pair of robbers with a wave of pure psychic force, battering them into submission. An Inspired overlord dominates hapless Riedran citizens, t u r n i n g them into slaves. Two apparently u n a r m e d kalashtar telepathically communicate their plan of assault, then spring into action using blades created instantly from their m i n d s . Psionic ability (also called psionics) represents the power of m i n d over matter, matter created by mind, and even o n e m i n d over a n o t h e r .

The device can't replicate sounds, however. It is crafted with a Siberys dragonshard suspended in a silver hoop. T H E FAITHS O F E B E R R O N range from p o p u l a r p a n t h e o n s t o strange m i n o r cults. Deities d o n ' t walk the earth in E b e r r o n , n o r do they produce ostentatious displays of power. No one can provide evidence that the gods exist, but the faithful are certain in their belief. CORRUPTION Many religions on Eberron could be considered evil, but all churches have some n u m b e r of unscrupulous members.

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