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By R.A. Salvatore

A lot to the seething dismay of his very long time mistress, King Danube has requested Jilseponie Wyndon to turn into his queen. yet she is torn. How can she love any guy as thoroughly as she did the Ranger Elbryan, the daddy of the kid she misplaced? yet unknown to Jilseponie, that kid by no means died. Aydrian was once stolen away by means of the queen of the elves. A headstrong boy secretly raised to be a weapon, Aydrian exhibits nice promise within the arts of combat–and he's as robust with the gemstone magic as his mom. Now De’Unnero, the weretiger and mortal enemy of Jilseponie, will subscribe to forces with Aydrian, who's hungry for power–and on a collision path with future. . . .

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Elbryan,” she said with a wistful smile, and she felt the moistness creeping into her eyes. He had given her the nickname, Pony, when they were young, a name that had stuck through almost all of her years. Hardly anyone called her that now—no one but Roger Lockless, actually, and he only sparingly. She preferred it that way, she supposed. Somehow, with Elbryan gone, the name Pony just didn’t seem to fit her anymore. Barely two decades had passed since those innocent and wonderful days, and yet Jilseponie could hardly believe that she had ever known such a carefree existence.

But that position had softened gradually, over the course of the previous summer. Still, Jilseponie did not like Viscenti, or anyone else, using that sort of external pressure over what had to be, in the end, a decision based on her feelings. Yes, it might be a good thing for the common folk for her to wed King Danube and thus become queen of Honce-the-Bear. Certainly in that capacity she could act as mediator in the still-common squabbling between Church and State. “Forgive my friend,” Abbot Braumin begged her a moment later.

I do believe that it is, yes, father,” he answered. Jilseponie knew when she was being teased, and, given that, she understood then to what sail Braumin was referring. She wouldn’t make it easy for him, though. “I see many sails—or at least, masts,” she answered. ” “Indeed,” said Braumin. ” Viscenti chimed in, dramatically slapping his skinny forearm across his brow. Jilseponie’s lips grew very tight, but in truth, it was a façade for her companions’ benefit, for she didn’t mind the needling. It was common knowledge that King Danube Brock Ursal did intend to spend this summer in Palmaris, as he had the last two, and the two before that—though on those first couple of occasions, he had arrived only to learn that the Baroness of the city had left her domain, traveling north to the Timberlands to summer with old friends.

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