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By Jan E. Jirásek M.D., D. Sc. (auth.)

A little photo is worthy one million phrases. chinese language proverb Prenatal human improvement is a really complex approach relating to genetics, biochemistry, anatomy, and body structure. There aren't any developmental alterations, both chemical or morphologic, with no simultaneous alterations in molecular association. The magnificent buildup ofbiostructures constantly precedes their right functionality. the advance of an embryo is genetically coded and is predicated on interactions with regards to the selective switching off and on of genes. Interactions are cell-to-cell mediated, mediated by way of extracellular fluids, or mediated by means of particular pathways. each substance excited about developmental is to be well-known through its aim. interactions, ahead of triggering a metabolic or a morphogenic occasion, advanced actual and immunologic recognitions are all for the method of differentiation. Small items of facts are amassed to create a mosaic photo elucidating the improvement. This photograph is attention-grabbing and represents the largest organic puzzle: the puzzle of improvement. there is not any doubt that evaluation of human prenatal improvement is a foundation for realizing common and pathologic relationships among constitution and serve as. at the present time, there are nearly 2000 diverse inborn congenital anomalies and syndromes. This publication makes an attempt to offer a whole real looking account of human morphogenesis, the differentiation of constructions, utilizing direct images of standard specimens received from criminal scientific abortions of undesirable pregnancies. Emphasis has been put on modern strategies: histochemistry and scanning electron microscopy. The textual content is so simple as attainable; meticulous special anatomic descriptions were omitted.

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The parachordal plate with sclerotomes of 4~5 disappearing occipital somites contributes to the occipital bone. The neural processus of the segments incorporated in the occipital bone extend 44 Figure 53. Cleared embryo, right half. Stage 8-2. Cartilaginous skeleton visualized by alcian blue stain. 45 dorsally around the medullary tube, leaving the foramen magnum and forming the lower portion (tectum posterius) of the occipital squame. The upper portion of the occipital squame is desmogenic in origin.

36 Figures 41 and 42. (41) Germ layers in a 13-somite embryo. Stage 6-2. Note the proliferation of mesodermal cells from the sclerotome of the somite located on the right side. (42) Somites - mesodermal vesicles - located along a centrally situated medullary tube. The mesodermal structures are covered by surface ectoderm. 37 detached from the 'primitive ectoblast' at the bilaminar stage colonizing the endoblast. The mammalian mesoderm is detached from the primitive ectoderm (ectoblast) by way of a primitive groove.

The fetal surface is smooth, covered by the amnion. The fetal portion of the placenta comprises the placental amnion fused with the chorionic plate and the cotyledons. Among chorionic villi and branches, there is the intervillous space containing maternal blood supplied by coiled arteries of the endometrium. The endometrial arteries penetrate the basal plate and open underneath each cotyledon more centrally than the uterine veins draining blood from the intervillous space. The basal plate of the placenta, in spite of a mixed fetal and maternal origin, is considered as the maternal part of the placenta.

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