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By Derek Hitchins

The designs of the pyramids of historic Egypt developed over the years; they'd connections with the traditional myths, legends, and with the celebrities as they have been in precedent days. whilst pyramid dimensions are switched over to 'cubits' and 'seked,' revealing relationships emerge that have been obscured by utilizing utilizing sleek devices. all the power of creating got here from manpower, courtesy of the power fed on within the staff' foods and drinks. the math of ramp building, and of using ramps to exhibit stones on the exceptional charges it seems that completed, problem puppy theories of development. so much beautiful is a examine of the tradition of the developers, evidenced in versions of villages and farms, scenes of nutrition education, toys, statues, magic, and tomb paintings.

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Or is that just coincidence? 22 Pyramid Builder’s Handbook 2 2890 – Precise dates Unknown Seth Peribsen Powerful in Heart (Horus Name) Hope of all hearts (Seth Name) Khasekhemwy The two powerful ones appear 2686 - 2668 Sanakhet Strong Protection 2668 - 2649 Djoser (Netjerikhet) Divine of the Body 2649 - 2643 Sekhemkhet Powerful in Body 2643 - 2637 Khaba The Soul Appears 2637 - 2613 Huni The Smiter 2613 - 2589 Snefru He of Beauty 2589 - 2566 Khufu Protected by Khnum (Creator God) 2566 - 2558 Djedef-re Enduring like Re 2558 - 2532 Khaf-re Appearing like Re 2532 - 2504 Men-kau-re Eternal like the souls of Re 2504 - 2500 Shepseskaf His Soul is Noble End of Archaic Period Start of Old Kingdom (2686 –2181) 3 4 Horus name then a Seth name, suggesting turbulence.

Snefru's Bent Pyramid at Dahshur, North Side. 36 Pyramid Builder’s Handbook reduce the weight of the superstructure by introducing the bend, to reduce the stress and strain on the lowest courses. One suggestion25 sets the initial slope even higher, at some 60˚. This slope was reduced to 54˚27’ early during building by adding extra masonry on the outside. The trials and tribulations of building the Bent Pyramid were provoked by subsidence in the underlying sand and shale, which provided less than ideal foundations.

It seems, then, that the ancient Egyptian people built the pyramids willingly, even enthusiastically, even though some of them took over 20 years of sustained, high level effort. If we could explore the social psyche of the people of ancient Egypt at the time when they built the pyramids, it might lead us to understand how they came to perform a feat that we would be unable to match today–notwithstanding our modern technology. The Ancient Egyptian Psyche Jungian philosophy seems singularly apposite to delve into the depths of the ancient Egyptian psyche10.

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