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By David Goddard

The Tower of Alchemy is the 1st ebook released within the West to overtly exhibit the lessons and perform of the airtight artwork in simple language. during this complex guide, the alchemical symbols and motifs stop to be a bewildering maze and turn into invaluable signposts at the course of Liberation. David Goddard in actual fact explains the internal practices which are the essence of the nice paintings itself. through assimilating the data and working towards the workouts contained during this e-book, you can find that the once-confusing alchemical illustrations at the moment are illuminated mandalas. utilizing classical Qabalah, and traditions as assorted because the Grail legend, Yoga, and Tibetan Buddhism, Goddard permits scholars entry to the better Mysteries. His particular teachings and guided practices will provide help to reach the key to all religious works, which may culminate within the of completion of the nice paintings.

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They also refer to the production of the medicina catholica, the universal medicine that heals all disease. Both the quest for, and the winning of, the Grail are metaphors for the "grasping" of the Quintessence. " Hermes-Trismegistos in Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, The Wisdom o f the Pagan Philosophers (Boston: Tuttle, 1998), p. 18. 32 Tower ofAlchemy Four symbols are profoundly linked to the Grail mystery: the lance, the sword, the cup, and the stone. They represent, respectively, the Air of the Wise, the Fire of the Wise, the Water of the Wise, and the Earth of the Wise.

See it as indigo in color, a deep violet-blue like the color of the sky at night. The surface of the table is divided into twelve segments, like a horoscope chart. The lines of division upon the indigo table are of silver. In each segment, near the rim of the table, shines a symbol of one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. These zodiacal symbols are gold. The signs follow their usual sequence, from Aries to Pisces, arranged counterclockwise around the table (see figure 1 page 39). At the exact center of the Round Table, where the silver lines converge, shines an object.

And it is the turning about of consciousness to this, the indwelling God, that constitutes true mystical conversion. In the symbolism of the Rose-Cross, this light of immanence is depicted as a single drop of dew resting upon the heart of the rose, refracting the light of the White Sun of Supreme Consciousness. It is a wellestablished fact that when advanced yogis and adepts die their vacated physical bodies show no sign of decomposition or decay The Holy Grail 35 for at least three days. The body retains its upright posture and the skin remains supple.

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